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Good afternoon,
In this theme we want to interpret main problems (technical) with trading on cryptocurrency market. And tell you about a decision that we developed to help all traders optimally manage and monitor your cryptocurrency assets. Without hassle and free. We want to share our work with experts in the industry and receive feedback and proposals for improving service.

What's Kintum?
Kintum platform's an ideal tool for trading on multiple exchanges in one interface. You can use such services as graphical indicators, trading through API orders, portfolio management arbitrage trading. All of that in one window. At this moment more than 20 cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Coinbase Pro are working with us.

Problems with cryptocurrency trade

The need to log in separately to each exchange
Lack of global cryptocurrency market data
Limited selection of trading pairs
Adapting to various interfaces
Lack of necessary trading instruments

Why you should trade through Kintum?

One secure account with the ability to quickly switch between all exchanges
Monitor the development of the cryptocurrency market in one-window mode
Access to almost all cryptocurrency pairs
The interface for both desktop and mobile devices.
Popular tools for trading such as a demo account, arbitrage, fixing profits and losses, promoting a transaction by position, and much more

Unique services
Kintum creates reliable, lightning fast and secure access to the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms:

Cross-platform – The ability to use the interface directly on the web page with IOS, Android, Desktop (without first downloading the app)
Real and demo accounts – Test trading strategies in demo mode without risking real assets. Not many cryptocurrency platforms offer a similar trading simulation service.
Portfolio Management – Kintum automatically generates a report on the history of your trading activities.
Risk Management Tools – The profit and loss fixation tool is an indispensable element in the trading of cryptocurrency assets. Kintum is one of the first sites to offer such a complete solution.
Arbitrage – Trade on the price difference of an asset with one click, on all exchanges

Where to begin? How to get started on Kintum?

Create a free account in the app.
Add API keys to your exchanges

How much does it cost?

Platform services are absolutely free, and there is no catch. We understand that this sounds very strange, since many alternative services ask for either a subscription or a commission for any instrument. Kintum service'll give you access to them absolutely free of charge.
Any good project requires a lot of time, and at the moment, we decided to leave the service of our platform accessible to everyone. We use this time to create a customer base and create even more useful tools that can really give an advantage in cryptocurrency trading and optimize day trading. In 2021, we plan to review our work, request feedback from our first users, and begin monetization through a monthly subscription. The cost of which will depend on the feedback and the quality of the tools offered.

Website: https://kintum.io



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