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Initially, Ex-One functioned as a private investor club, but over time, we decided to share our success with You. We invest funds and multiply them using reliable and trusted sources, such as Forex, as well as another direction – betting on sports events, where we have developed unique strategies (betting forks) and work algorithms to make money without risk, devoting this is only a certain stretch of our time.
Our traders have developed a unique trading robot that works on the principle of risk-free trading, its mechanism allows you to earn solid interest. We follow a clear financial strategy, each of our traders and privateers has vast experience. We plan to open a school of traders and privateers, where our investors, if they wish, can learn for free and gain our experience and strategic skills on working on exchanges!
Needless to say, this is a real chance for a limited circle of investors to achieve financial independence, devoting it only a certain period of their time, as well as the opportunity to expand their horizons – both personal and material!



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