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IncomeB project is promoted by a Bio-Pharma start-up which is predominantly into Research and Development of pharmaceuticals. Our primary work is to provide R&D services to leading pharma companies around the globe. We work on their pending or ongoing projects and work them through initial phases and hand over back to them, these projects are worth millions of dollars when they come out. Apart from outsourcing our expertise, we are also working on an in-house project related to AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance), which poses a great threat to humankind now, as per recent data AMR is causing more than 700,000 casualties every year and is projected to kill more people than cancer by 2050. We are currently working on finding new approaches to combat Antimicrobial Resistance and our idea is to introduce advanced technological features like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data into our research and with the help of these technologies we hope we can expedite our research to a great extent and get early results. The work we do is highly sensitive, and a lot of money is going into this, these projects are worth million of dollars when they come out. As most of our clients are big pharma companies, they insist, in fact contractually bound us, for extreme levels of discretion. They don't want any piece of information to reach out to competitors, media, authorities or public. And moreover, we don't want any leak with regards to our own pet project, so we decided to go to stealth mode.



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